What To Expect

In an industry flooded with a copious amount of products and techniques, we know how to assess your concrete and coat it most effectively. We don’t simply apply a coating to your concrete and hope that it will be okay. We take the necessary steps to ensure that you get the best possible coating that fits your needs.

What to expect when you get into contact with us:

Our sales representative will draft a FREE estimate for your project.

You sign our contract and place a deposit to secure your job on our schedule.

On the work day for a Color Chip Floor: We send a crew to your property who will introduce themselves to you if you are home. For security purposes all employee photos will be on our website so you can verify that they are indeed from Nebraska Epoxy Works, Inc. 

If the joints need to be filled, the crew will begin that process first. Backer rod will be inserted as well as a top quality polyurea joint fill to achieve a seamless floor.

Edge grinding with a handheld diamond grinder will take place to ensure that the concrete surface is prepped as close to the walls as possible. We will also edge around any obstacle or structure that does not allow our large floor grinder close access (such as a floor drain or stairs).

A large planetary diamond grinder will prepare the largest portions of your floor. The purpose of this machine is to remove any existing coating such as a sealant or prior applied epoxy. This allows us to achieve optimal adhesion with the epoxy due to the opening of the pores in the concrete. We choose to use this mechanical method of surface preparation (as opposed to acid washing) because it is truly the best method to open up the concrete.

After the preparation comes the meticulous clean up so we can see any damage that may have been more difficult to see before the grind. Often, cracks become more visible as do the pits and divots that may be in your floor. When we grind the floor it becomes white where the floor comes into contact with the diamond bits. The low spots, cracks, and divots, remain their former dark color creating a nice contrast which makes them easy to spot. We will fill the damaged areas with the appropriate material based on the size and extent of the damage.

Before we coat the floor, we will clean the walls and countertops in your space leave you with a clean area, as well as a new floor.

Once everything has been cleaned we begin to mix and roll out our two-part epoxy. We have a plethora of top quality epoxies that we work with. We base our product selection on a variety of factors such as: chemical resistance, slip resistance, light reflectivity, ultra violet resistance, moisture mitigation, and even the time of year. Different epoxies have an optimal temperature range in which they can be best applied. This wide variety of options offers the ability to install epoxy floors year round for all purposes.

Once we have the first layer of epoxy down we will hand-broadcast the vinyl flake at the coverage percentage of your choosing.

After the flake is broadcast, we will wait for the first layer to dry. Once the first layer is dry, we will remove the excess flake and scrape the floor to remove any sharp edges and burrs in the flake. If you desire a smoother texture floor we may also lightly sand the floor before we apply the two-part clear coat.

After the clear coat is applied the application portion of the job is considered complete.

We will pack up our equipment and any left over construction materials and leave you with a nice, NEW floor.

Processes are similar for the metallic and solid color floor systems.

The preparation is also done via diamond grinder. With the metallic systems there is a need for a primer to be applied before the metallic coat itself to avoid pitting and bubbling as the coat cures. The additional coatings result in a brilliant floor unlike any you’ve seen before.